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Metallurgical technologies

We focus on the production and reprocessing of metallic materials and on development services. Our offer of services includes melting, casting, forging, rolling, extrusion, heat treatment and thermomechanical and thermochemical treatment.

We offer comprehensive manufacturing routes tailored to your field of production.

Materials characterization

We carry out examinations of all types of steels, aluminium and copper alloys, titanium alloys, superalloys and other, predominantly metallic, materials. We perform bulk chemical analyses, microscopic-volume analyses and examinations of high-purity, as well as chemically complex materials. Optical and electron microscopy services are available.

We offer you the cutting-edge technology services of our laboratories and more than ten years of experience in the field.

Mechanical testing and thermophysical measurement

The scope of our activities in mechanical testing and thermophysical measurement includes taking samples, manufacture of test specimens and mechanical testing across wide ranges of temperatures, loads and speeds, and thermophysical measurement in various, often extreme, environments. With the use of computer modelling and engineering design methods, we are able to develop and manufacture special fixtures for extremely demanding tests.

We operate in state-of-the-art laboratories in almost 2000 square metres of space.

Computer modelling

Our engineering design developers will prepare a full design solution for you, including strength calculations and drawings. Our simulations of manufacturing processes solve complex problems of hot and cold forming and heat treatment.

A wide range of software tools and long-standing experience enable us to help our clients solve even the most complex production problems.

About Proinno

  • Proinno a.s. offers client-oriented services in the fields of metallurgical technologies (melting, forming and heat treatment), computer modelling, materials characterization, mechanical testing and thermophysical measurement.
  • The scientific background of the company guarantees its expertise. Contracts are performed with precise, above-standard attention to detail, regardless of their size.


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