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We offer comprehensive manufacturing routes tailored to your field of production.

We focus on the production and reprocessing of metallic materials and on development services. Our offer of services includes melting, casting, forging, rolling, extrusion, heat treatment and thermomechanical and thermochemical treatment.

Available processes:

  • Melting and casting of ingots
  • Closed-die and open-die forging
  • Hot and cold rolling of strip and sheet
  • Continuous extrusion using the Conform S315i machine
  • Grain refinement by means of ECAP and Conform methods
  • Conventional and vacuum hardening
  • Annealing in special atmospheres
  • Thermochemical treatment (nitriding, carburizing, boriding and others)
  • Induction surface hardening

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About Proinno

  • Proinno a.s. offers client-oriented services in the fields of metallurgical technologies (melting, forming and heat treatment), computer modelling, materials characterization, mechanical testing and thermophysical measurement.
  • The scientific background of the company guarantees its expertise. Contracts are performed with precise, above-standard attention to detail, regardless of their size.


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